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Helping You Promote Positive Mental Health, Wellbeing And Resilience

We work with schools, parents and businesses to create environments within which young people can thrive.

There is so much to celebrate about teenagers but as they push for independence and experiment with their identities, there is bound to be drama along the way.

If we understand why they do what they do and how best to respond, we can minimise conflict and help them become happy, confident, world-ready adults.
That’s why we’re here. That’s why thousands of parents and teachers join our talks, training and parenting club.
We exist to help you be the teachers and parents who create environments in which children can thrive, and relationships which last a lifetime.
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Giving Back To Your Community

Our Giving Programme, allows schools and businesses to give back to young people in their communities, by providing a maintained school with a staff training programme designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of pupils.
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Sally Parra – Head of The Speaker Programme / Wellbeing Team

Latymer Upper School

It was a fantastic talk … I have sat in many, many talks on wellbeing.  This was by far the best talk we have ever had on this topic and I’m most grateful.

A Unique Collaboration For Pupil Wellbeing

We’re delighted to be working in collaboration with STEER, creators of the ground-breaking AS Tracking.

Jointly, we’re bringing schools, colleges and parents a unique, combined offering, putting the pupil voice at the heart of pastoral care so children are heard, supported and can thrive.

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