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Supporting mental health & wellbeing in children & adolescents

Currently Impacting more than 71,000 Children in over 95 Schools

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“I have been looking through the support with stress section and it has really helped me! I have always struggled a lot with stress levels due to exam pressure and found a lot of really helpful information through Teen Tips. I think this will help everyone no matter what year group, there is so much on the website.”

Year 12 Pupil, Kingswood School

The Wellbeing Hub

We launched in November 2020 and already have over 95 schools signed up.

It has never been more important to support the mental health and wellbeing of young people, and we know that many schools are looking to make positive change to their environments.

The Wellbeing Hub can help you achieve this. It enables a proactive approach to mental health, wellbeing and creating healthy cultures. It is there for the whole school community, with support and guidance for every parent, pupil and member of staff, via three distinct ‘Hubs’.

As well as training for staff and parents, The Wellbeing Hub delivers a vast amount of resources, answers, live Q&As, access to specialists, PSHE lesson plans, careers advice, top tips, podcasts, videos and more.

We are live and interactive, with a team of professionals delivering new content weekly, responding to topical issues and making sure you have everything you need, when you need it.

We hear from schools that it helps to align home and school life, and brings trusted resources together in one place.

Every school that invests in The Wellbeing Hub can gift it to a maintained school of their choice, ensuring that more young people get this much needed level of support.

Watch Alicia’s two-minute introductory film and click below for more details on The Wellbeing Hub.

More on The Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub

September is all about ‘Cultures of Success’ – view the line-up

The Wellbeing Hub is not just for school communities – it is also available to individual subscribers, delivering all the information and support you need to help your family in these challenging times.

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“I work with a pupil who has been exhibiting aggressive behaviours towards staff, including swearing. After learning on the course about attachment styles, it became clear that his actions are likely the result of an insecure attachment style. Further advice on the course about ways to communicate effectively, and the importance of allowing young people to shift out of their fight/flight/freeze brain before trying to engage in rational discussions, will certainly be applicable to this young person, and I am now consciously aiming to use this awareness when considering my actions and reactions with this pupil.”
Teacher, December 2020

There is much to celebrate about teenagers but we all know it can be a challenging time.

If we understand their social and emotional needs, and how best to respond, we can minimise conflict and give them the skills to become happy, confident, world-ready adults.
That’s why we’re here. That’s why thousands of parents and teachers join our Webinars and use The Wellbeing Hub, and why, when you invest in the Wellbeing Hub, we allow you to gift it to a maintained school in your community.
“Thank you for putting us on the right path, we are very grateful and I hope you have enjoyed hearing how you contributed to creating such a wonderful person.” Katie, Parent
“The Wellbeing Hub enables us to support parents and therefore work in partnership, to identify potential concerns and react quickly to promote positive mental health in each pupil, both at School and at home.”. Allister Sheffield, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Sherborne School
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The Wellbeing Hub, for staff, parents and pupils, includes Online Courses, PSHE Lesson Plans, Careers Advice and Inspiring Futures Careers Podcasts, Weekly Updated Resources, Weekly Live Q&A, Access To Specialists and more, to help you create an environment that fully supports pupil wellbeing.


We have a range of resources to help you support your child through adolescence, including our online Complete Parenting Courses, The Wellbeing Hub, Parenting Webinars and One-To-One Consultations.


We can provide ongoing parenting support for your employees, from delivering Webinars, to providing access to The Wellbeing Hub for parents. And our Sponsorship Programme allows you to support young people in your community.

Giving Back To Your Community

Our Sponsorship Programme, allows schools and businesses to give back to children and young people in their communities, by providing a maintained school with access to the Wellbeing Hub, designed to support the mental health and wellbeing of pupils.
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Sally Parra – Head of The Speaker Programme / Wellbeing Team

Latymer Upper School

It was a fantastic talk … I have sat in many, many talks on wellbeing.  This was by far the best talk we have ever had on this topic and I’m most grateful.