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Wellbeing Hub
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If you’re looking for a trusted source of support for your parents, pupils and staff, the Wellbeing Hub is designed by experts to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of young people.

The benefits for your school community:

  • 24/7 Support – for staff, parents and pupils
  • Pupil Wellbeing – pupils gain tools to manage their own mental health and wellbeing
  • CPD Training – pupils benefit from staff trained to understand and meet their social and emotional needs

We believe that every child deserves this level of support, so if your school invests in the Wellbeing Hub, you can gift it to a maintained school.

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Staff at Ibstock Place School, London say:

“We are working through the tasks on the Wellbeing Hub and wanted to let you know right away that we have such very positive things to say about these resources. So fantastically enlightening for us as teachers/ parents/ humans. We are raving on our texts to each other as we work through the content so thank you JD enormously for bringing this to us.”

The Hub Provides:

For Parents

The Parents Hub, gives all parents access to:

Teen Tips Parenting Courses | Weekly Podcasts & Articles | Live Q&As | Careers Resources | Access to Specialists | Q&A Library | Webinars

For Staff

The Staff Hub, gives all staff access to:

Mental Health & Wellbeing CPD Course | Weekly Podcasts & Articles | Live Q&As | Careers Resources | PSHE Lesson Plans | Staff Forum | Q&A Library

For Pupils

The Pupil Hubs, for ages 11-18 gives all pupils access to:

Pupil Q&A Library | Ask An Expert | Wellbeing Advice | Inspiring Stories Podcasts | Help Zone | Careers Advice | Inspiring Futures Careers Podcasts |

“I have listened to four of the Teen Tips parent course so far. It is very good! Full of advice and good ideas. Well done for getting us signed up. I listen to the sound version when on a walk or in the gym, so super easy to access.”
Penny, Parent

Annual Subscription & Sponsorship

We want to make our Wellbeing Hub accessible to as many schools as possible, whatever their size and we often work with PTAs to gain funding.

Our annual subscription price is £5 + VAT, per pupil, based on your whole school community.

Sponsoring A Maintained School Of Your Choice

Every school that invests in our Hub can gift the same to a maintained school of their choice.

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“The Wellbeing Hub enables us to support parents and therefore work in partnership, to identify potential concerns and react quickly to promote positive mental health in each pupil, both at School and at home.
We are also excited to be able to offer this package to a local maintained School to develop further, our existing relationships with local Schools and have a positive impact on the wider Sherborne community.”
Allister Sheffield, Deputy Head (Pastoral), Sherborne School