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Support Your Employees

Helping employees create a happy home life.

You are undoubtedly doing a lot to support employee wellbeing, but for parents juggling work and the needs of their children, life may be particularly stressful. Studies show that 64% of employees suffer from stress that’s related to juggling work and family commitments. What if you could help employees with family life, whilst also giving a local school access to The Wellbeing Hub?
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Here's how you can support your employees:

Webinars For Parents

We can deliver live and interactive webinars for your employees, on a range of parenting topics. All sessions include a Q&A and can be tailored to address specific needs.

Our range of webinars include:

  • Eating Disorders Explained
  • How To Manage Worry, Stress & Anxiety
  • Teens & Screens
  • Motivating Teens
Details Of All Our Webinars

The Wellbeing Hub

Supporting Parents 24/7

We want every child to thrive, so we created The Wellbeing Hub, an interactive platform that allows members to access trusted advice from experts, training, answers, insights,  one-to-one support and more.

We can provide your business with access to the Wellbeing Hub.

“I’ve just joined your Hub, while looking for support in dealing with some relationship issues with my 13-year old – and am really relieved to discover your wealth of expertise and resources.” Katrina, parent.

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Sponsor A School

When you work with us, you will also have the opportunity to sponsor a school of your choice, with the gift of The Wellbeing Hub.

Ask Us About Sponsorship

“The WildHearts Schools Programme is designed to inspire the responsible business leaders of the future. To achieve this we must first provide our young people with the foundations they need to look after their mental well-being. WildHearts have entrusted TeenTips to provide those foundations. The response from parents and young people has been outstanding. It is a privilege to work with TeenTips and I am so looking forward to empowering the next generation together.”

Dr Mick Jackson, Founder WildHearts Group

“Thank you to Alicia for delivering such a practical and insightful session for our employee wellbeing programme”

Liz Cope, Stephenson Harwood

“As a parent of teenagers and a Clinical Psychologist, can I say how helpful, calming, acknowledging and positive I just found your webinar, thank you”

Diana, Parent at City Parents Talk