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Building Resilience For Life

Teenagers haven’t fundamentally changed but the world in which they live has.  The pace of change is unprecedented and, with so much uncertainty, it is little wonder that many teens and those supporting them are struggling to cope.

At Teen Tips, we believe that when teachers and coaches, and parents and carers work together to promote strong self-esteem and emotional resilience, teenagers are better able to resist peer pressure, make healthy choices for themselves and overcome the inevitable challenges of life in the 21st Century.

The Teen Tips online and onsite courses will equip you with the knowledge, confidence and skills to support young people as they navigate everything from relationships, pornography, alcohol, drugs and social networking to exam stress, perfectionism, body image, gaming and gambling.

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Alicia Drummond – Founder of Teen Tips

Alicia is a BACP accredited therapist, parent coach, speaker, author and, most importantly, a mother.

She works with over a hundred schools delivering talks and workshops to help parents, staff and pupils deepen their understanding of adolescence and promote emotional health and wellbeing.

Alicia works with charities and organisations that support children and teenagers; companies who want to support the parents amongst their staff and NHS doctors and nurses to help them work more effectively with young people.

She is the in-house mental health expert for School Notices and the in-house parenting specialist for the CQC clinic Esher Groves.

Alicia Drummond - Teen Tips


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