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Webinars For Parents

How To Manage Worry, Stress & Anxiety

This talk will give parents the strategies to help young people manage the worries and stresses of life and avoid the anxiety trap. By understanding techniques from CBT and research from neuroscience parents will gain the tools to build their child's self awareness and self management skills, and boost emotional resilience.

Protecting Children's Mental Health

This talk looks at the personal, social and environmental factors affecting mental health. It considers which factors we can influence as parents, when we need to seek professional help and what strategies we can give young people to help them protect their own wellbeing.

Teens & Screens

Understand the positives and negatives of your child’s online world. Help them become responsible digital citizens, who can manage risk and avoid harm. Covering social media use, gaming and cyber bullying, we will explore the latest guidelines on screen time, screen use and the pitfalls to be aware of.

Developing Resilience in Young People

This talk explores the four pillars of resilience. It looks at how we can help young people develop the positive mindsets & attitudes, self efficacy, resourcefulness and creativity that will allow them to become independent and courageous individuals who can cope with life’s vicissitudes.

Why Every Teenager Needs a Parrot

Based on Alicia's book, this talk will help you understand why teenagers need to push personal boundaries and how to let them go, whilst keeping them safe in the teenage world of relationships, alcohol, drugs, parties and online.

Motivating Teens

With all the hoops teenagers must jump through, keeping them motivated and on track can be hard. Learn skills to motivate your teenager in positive ways and help them develop the intrinsic motivation, which will be essential for independent living.

Building Self Esteem

Learn what self esteem is, its role in determining the state of our mental health and why it should be the primary job of any parent to help their children develop it.

Creating Cultures of Success

Discover the mindset and culture of success. Explore how we can create an environment in which young people are given the permission to succeed without the pressure, which we know can cause emotional problems.

Helping Young People Manage Their Emotions

This talk explores how parents can help their children manage difficult emotions, build emotional resilience and emotional intelligence. The techniques explored are particularly useful for those flash-point moments when drama strikes.

What To Do When It All Goes Wrong

Children and teenagers are a work in progress and there will be times when they make mistakes and get things wrong. This talk explains how to remain calm and turn the situation around so that it becomes an opportunity for learning and growth.

Friendships & Relationships

There can be few things parents find more upsetting than seeing their children struggle with relationships. This talk looks at why relationships can be particularly challenging between 8 and 18 and how we can help them develop good social and communication skills.

Setting Up For Exam Success

This talk gives you the knowledge and guidance to support your child through revision and exam preparation, with tools to help them manage any pre-exam stress and anxiety, so that they can perform their best on the day.

Transition to Senior School

This year's leavers are facing a particularly challenging transition. They need skills to help them manage any anxiety and set them up for a successful senior school career. We will explore how our parental role must change to meet their need for independence.

Parenting During Covid-19

This is a stressful time for many families. This talk explores techniques to manage anxiety and protect children’s mental health, develop their soft skills, increase their self confidence and reduce the risk of family conflict and sibling rivalry.

Time To Fly - final preparation for independent living

Finishing school is always daunting and, perhaps more so than ever with gap year travel suspended, summer work limited and uncertainty over what universities will be able to run.We will consider how we can help young people manage anxiety and prepare them for the next stage of their journey.

Parenting Teens Workshop

This is our most comprehensive parenting workshop lasting 4 hours and covering adolescent cognitive and emotional development and their impact on behaviour; how the parental role needs to change as they change; communication; boundary setting, motivation and a positive and proactive problem solving model. It looks at everything from relationships, alcohol and drugs, social networking and gaming and gives parents the opportunity to reflect on family life and compare notes with others.

Create a programme of webinars for your parenting community

Mix and match from our list of webinars to create a programme that meets the needs of families within your employment. If there is a topic you would like but don’t see here please get in touch – we love creating new content.

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