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Onsite Workshops For Parents
for parents

Ask Your School Or PTA To Book A Workshop

We regularly run Parenting Teens Workshops which are hosted by schools. The Workshops cover a number of subject areas from Screens and Teens to Self Esteem and Friendships, and many more. Find details here.

They are packed full of information and advice to help parents support their children, and create a healthy and happy home. Speak to your school about setting one up for your parents. If your school has already booked a course, you can reserve a place below. ‘Open Workshops’ can be booked by anyone.

  “I learned some insightful strategies which I have put into action with my two young teenagers to huge effect. It would not be overstating the impact of the talk to say that within 24 hours we have had a complete turnaround“, Jane Warren, Daily Express.

Important Note: We are now VAT registered so any workshops booked on our system after 20th November 2019 will be charged at the new price of £75 per person.

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