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Support Your Employees

You are undoubtedly doing a lot to support employee wellbeing, but for parents juggling work and the needs of their children, life may be particularly stressful. Studies show that 64% of employees suffer from stress that's related to juggling work and family commitments. What if you could help employees with family life?

The Wellbeing Hub

Supporting Parents 24/7

We want every child to thrive, so we created The Wellbeing Hub, an interactive platform that allows members to access trusted advice from experts, training, answers, insights, one-to-one support and more.

We can provide your business with access to The Wellbeing Hub.

Purchase The Wellbeing Hub for your business and give your employees access to 24/7 parenting support and guidance.

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Sponsor A School With The Wellbeing Hub

When you work with us, you will also have the opportunity to sponsor a school of your choice, with the gift of The Wellbeing Hub.

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