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What people are saying about Teen Tips

We're delighted at the impact our work is having on pupil wellbeing, and staff and parent confidence.

Here are just a few of the many comments we've received from schools.

“These resources are superb; they are accessible, evidence-based and draw on a wealth of professional experience. Developing this understanding should be the foundation of every teacher’s training and professional development in order to understand how to respond appropriately to the social and emotional needs of their learners.”

Rosie Moore, Senior Lecturer (Inclusive Education), University Of Brighton

“Of all the online training packages I have trialled, Teen Tips Mental Health and Well Being Course for Staff has been the most accessible, enlightening and best, and we are providing opportunities for all staff to undertake the course. The videos are well delivered and provide food for thought as well as encouraging reflection of our own teaching experiences.”

Dr Preetpal S. Bachra, Head of Pastoral Care, Bryanston

“What success! Having this inter-active resource at our fingertips has meant colleagues can complete their CPD at their own pace, in their own time, module by module, which can then initiate pastoral discussion over a coffee break or even in a more formal INSET session. Sharing this course with our house matrons has given them the confidence and deeper understanding about how to support the young people in our care. The blend between theory and practical tips is perfect, manageable and totally usable in a school setting – first class.”

Helen Keevil, Assistant Head, Pupil Welfare, Epsom College

“I wanted to feedback how much I am enjoying the sessions and admire the way you’ve managed to make this content so easy to follow and relevant. I really like the opportunities to stop and reflect , make notes etc. I am so glad we have embraced this content as a school.”

Tania Fielden, House Mistress & Careers Advisor, Hurst

“I’d like to thank you for such an informative and inspiring course.
Thanks to this course I feel more confident in my Pastoral Care role.”

Grazia Di Palma, Teaching Assistant, Knightsbridge School

“Teen Tips is a must have resource for all staff. Not only do the talks explain what is causing issues from a psychological point of view but they are so very clear for the lay person to understand. With the practical advice, to act on the theory, you are able to understand adolescents so much better – and thus help them.”

Robert Lloyd Williams, Monkton Combe Prep School

“Alicia strikes an excellent balance of research supported information and helpful ideas without patronising or overwhelming with theory. This training is something the teaching profession has been waiting for. Teachers are seeing more mental health problems and need a much better understanding of how this impacts their teaching. This course certainly helps with this. I only wish it had been available when I had done my teaching practise and firmly believe every trainee teacher should do it.”

Deborah Lovill, SENCO, Cumnor House School

“Accessible, informative and practical- this course is a valuable resource that brings together evidence based research and practical tips, equipping and enabling staff to engage with the challenges faced during the school day. We are already seeing the benefits in our own practice.”

Augusta Faulkner, Head PSHE, Dragon School

“Extremely useful, better than any session I attended during the two year BSA course. Relevant, informative and it will make an immediate difference to my practice.”

B Edwards, Teacher, Oakham School

“Alicia delivers important, relevant and up-to-date training with a manner that captures the attention of staff, parents and pupils alike. We have had fantastic feedback from parents when we have shown her Teen Tips videos for Parents’ Evenings.”

Tom Lawson, Headmaster, Eastbourne College

“The Teen Tips online training proved effective for me – I could dip in and out and it heightened my knowledge in many areas. I know I will find much of the info useful in both my teaching and coaching … I loved the videos too and the testing focused my thoughts- I would recommend.
 I would bet that anyone who works with kids and who wants to create a more productive and inclusive atmosphere when doing so, would gain a few gems from this training.”

Fi Drinkall, Head of Year 9, Epsom College

“Without exception, the parents thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The feedback I received from all participants was excellent. The day was informative, challenging and reassuring. It is certainly something that we will run again. Alicia combines friendliness with professionalism in the perfect balance. I would have no hesitation about recommending her to colleagues at other schools.”

Jonathan Shaw, Vice-Principal (Pastoral), Elizabeth College, Guernsey

“Thank you so much for coming to Embley again. The pupils really enjoyed your talks and found them informative and engaging! No mean feat! The Year 11-13 pupils were the quietest I have ever seen them!”

Leah Goodey, Assistant Head, Pastoral
, Embley School

“Many thanks for joining us on Saturday and providing the parents with such super advice! Everyone I spoke to found your talk excellent on every level. Thank you!”

Karen Laurie, Deputy Head,Guildford High School

“Great online resource and training for all staff. It is broken down in to lots of manageable chapters and brilliant topics. It covers areas of training which are superb for the pastoral side and deals with lots of awkward topics in thorough detail. It is really easy to use, to listen to and navigate through. Lots of tips and help across a range of Mental Health issues. I would recommend any member of staff who works closely with pupils on the pastoral side of school life to go through the Teen Tips chapters. You will never be too old or experienced to learn.”

Stuart Head, Senior Housemaster, Epsom College

“It was a fantastic talk … I have sat in many, many talks on wellbeing.  This was by far the best talk we have ever had on this topic and I’m most grateful.”

Sally Parra – Head of The Speaker Programme / Wellbeing Team, Latymer Upper School

“I am absolutely delighted that Alicia has produced this training for staff. Her informative yet down to earth approach is hugely valued and this is a superb resource for all staff – from newly-qualified teachers to those that have been in the role for years. It is only when a pupil is supported pastorally that they are able to achieve their best on the academic front and this CPD equips everyone to support, encourage and motivate the pupils in their care. The training is split into sensible, practical and manageable chunks and can be used effectively either by individuals or by groups.”

Caty Jacques, Deputy Head Pastoral, Hurst

“We have been seeking a way in which we could join forces better with parents to work as a team. One of the real strengths of these talks is that they are up to date: they talk about the world in which our children are living and the future towards which they are moving. I cannot recommend these resources highly enough.”

Dr Jane Byrne, Senior Deputy Head
, The Kings School, Chester

“Our parents found you warm, witty, wise, communicative and absolutely to the point. You were clear and robust in your prescription; looked at parenting as a process and acknowledged the many pressures on children of this generation whilst looking at how to equip them to manage with courage hope and imagination. Your talk was hugely positive and realistic and the number of questions you fielded showed the degree to which you challenged and captivated your audience. That you spoke so compellingly straight after a similar session to our V Form was impressive indeed!”

Hilary Dudgale, Deputy Head, Lancing College

“Alicia spoke to our Lower Sixth about stress and how to use it and tackle it. This was a splendid session. Alicia gave our students a lot of simple but vital advice about the issues they face. The practical tips she gave could be understood and deployed by all and our students learnt a great deal. There has been much positive feedback.”

Trevor Allen, Head of 6th Form, Leicester Grammar School

“Finding speakers to enhance your PSHE programme is always a challenge but Alicia came highly recommended and didn’t disappoint.  The fact that our year 11’s didn’t even notice that we had gone past the start of their lunch break is testament to her ability to pitch what she has to say at just the right level using references they could relate to.  She has left them with plenty of food for thought that we can now pick up and build on.”

Viv Lamb, Head PSHE, Oakham School

“The workshop was excellent and the time flew by, it was honest and well presented and offered a toolkit of advice for those who live, work and care for teenagers.”

Kait Weston, Housemistress, Shrewsbury School

“Many thanks indeed for delivering the Inset training last week. The focus on spotting mental health issues was a fascinating insight and feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. The session was not only informative but also useful in offering staff tips on how to spot when pupils are struggling with mental health issues so that we can act as soon as possible.”

Alex Tate, Deputy Head, St John’s Leatherhead

“I just wanted to again thank you for coming up to Wellingborough yesterday. I’ve had four staff come in to say how impressed they were, with not only the content but also your warm and light-hearted style.”

Qin Wiseman, Deputy Head, Wellingborough School

“Anyone who can engage a roomful of tired teachers last thing on a Friday afternoon and have them staying behind afterwards to chat of their own free will is doing something terribly important… and doing it very right.”

Philip Stapleton, Headmaster, West Buckland School

“Many thanks for closing our conference so well yesterday; just what I was after and a fitting end to another successful BSA conference. One delegate mentioned that her school had engaged with the Growth Mindset model but she only really understood what it was about following your presentation!”

Alex Thomson OBE, Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Training
, The Boarding Schools Association

“The Teen Tips course is one of the most impactful and enjoyable (yes enjoyable!) pieces of CPD that I have participated in. I found the presentations easy to engage with, informative and helpful.”

G Burke, Teacher

“Thank you so much for the very interesting and enjoyable (free Stress Busting for Schools Staff) webinar. I certainly learned a lot”

Catherine Kenton, Teacher

“As always, thank you Alicia!  I feel very fortunate that Guildford High School has a relationship with you as for every parent that has already or will come to hear you talk – your wisdom, experience and reassurance is appreciated and we come away feeling empowered to parent our children that little bit better!”

Amanda Whybro, Head of ASPIRE, Guildford High School