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Pupils Online & Onsite Talks
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Teen Tips Online & Onsite Talks for Pupils - these can be delivered online to pupils via Zoom

Life After School

Change is something we humans often find difficult but few changes are as seismic as leaving school. This talk helps pupils develop self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-awareness and self-management so that they can feel confident moving into the next phase of life.

Transition To Senior School

Entering the larger environment of senior school will feel both exciting and daunting for most children. This talk is designed to help them feel confident about the move, to get them thinking about first impressions and to give them strategies to make informed choices in the more adult world they will inhabit.

Managing the Stesses of Life

This talk is particularly relevant during this challenging time. It is designed to promote self awareness and self management skills to build emotional resilience and prevent mental health problems.  During the hour we will look at the science of thoughts and emotions to show how we have a great deal more control over our feelings than most of us believe.  We will explore techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and neuroscience that young people can use to help themselves This is particularly important in today’s world where too many of us have constant low levels of the stress hormones in our systems leading to serious long term health problems.
Ages 15-18


This talk explores the qualities of GRIT – guts, resilience, imagination/initiative and tenacity and encourages young people to adopt them.
Ages 7-13

Post GCSE Summer

Post GCSE parties and festivals seem to have become a right of passage and this talk will give them the knowledge to negotiate their new found freedom safely. It also explores activities to get involved in that will build their resilience and stand them in good stead when it comes to UCAS forms and the job market.

Social skills for Life

Top of the list of abilities required for the job markets of the future is social skills. This talk explores listening, assertiveness, giving & receiving feedback; managing difficult interactions as well as strategies to start conversations and become effective communicators.

Understanding Adolescence

Gives young teenagers a clear understanding of the cognitive and developmental drives of adolescence and the effect that these might have on their thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that they are better equipped to deal with the stresses and strains of adolescence.
Ages 11-14

The Parrot Talk

Looks at teenage risk taking and outcome assessment and gives them strategies to keep themselves safe when faced with all the new choices and pressures that they will encounter. This talk covers the content of Alicia's book, Why Every Teenager Needs a Parrot, from a teenage perspective.
Ages 11-14

Sex & Relationships

This talk looks at the impact of the teenage brain on relationships. It explores the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships; the legal, social and emotional implications of sexting and pornography and the importance of consent.
Ages 13-18

Encouraging Respect Amongst Teenagers

Relationships can be difficult during adolescence because of the way that the adolescent brain is wired and whilst online interaction keeps them connected it is having an interesting effect on their interpersonal skills. This talk aims to raise their awareness through exploration of the neuroscience of the brain in relation to communication, relationships and addiction so that they can make different choices when it comes to relating to their peers.
Ages 14-17

Teens & Screens

This talk helps young people understand the positive and negative impact of their online activity. It looks at false images; the impact of sexting; how social media use can increase anxiety; cyber bullying; why social media and gaming are addictive and digital footprints. The talk is designed to challenge and inform and uses video clips, balloons and ketchup to reinforce important messages.
Ages 10-13

Friendships & Interpersonal Skills

A one hour talk looking at friendships, group dynamics; relationships, communication and treating ourselves and others well.
Ages 10-13

Setting up for Exam Success

This talk looks at good and bad stress and gives students tools so that they can use stress to improve their performance rather than being hijacked by it. It explores self motivation and self sabotage and how to adopt a growth mindset to enhance performance. It looks at how changing body language can change confidence levels and how to remain calm and focussed under exam pressure.
Ages 10-18

Listening Skills for Peer Mentors

Exlores why active listening helps people manage their emotions and gives pupils tools to become effective listeners. It also explores the boundaries and safety aspects of the listening relationship.
Ages 12-18

The Desert Island Disc Effect

A talk to inspire sixth formers and give them insight into what makes for a successful life. The talk considers life after school; encourages them to think outside the box; to realise the importance of taking responsibility for their choices and decisions; to understand the mindset and habits of successful people.
Ages 16-18

Role Modelling

This talk explores the important role that Upper 6th students have as role models for younger pupils. It looks at why and how they are in a unique position to influence the behaviour of juniors and to set a tone within the school that encourages respect, healthy relationships and good decision making.

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