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Online Training
for education

Our Online Mental Health & Wellbeing CPD Training Course comes in a range of packages and plans to suit all needs and budgets:

Pastoral Care Package 1

  • Online Staff CPD Course for 100 staff
  • Online Parenting Course - free to all families
  • 2 x online talks to be screened at Parents' Events
  • Opportunity to gift staff training course to maintained school or charity of your choice

Pastoral Care Package 2

  • Online Staff CPD Course for up to 60 staff
  • Online Parenting Course - free for up to 100 families
  • 1 x online talk to be screened at Parents' Events
  • Opportunity to gift staff training course to maintained school or charity of your choice

Basic Plan

  • 10 online logins for Staff Training Course, to screen at inset or rotate between staff across the year. Additional logins can be purchased at extra cost
  • Affiliate Scheme - access for parents to discounted Online Parenting Course, with commission payment to school

Free Taster Of Our Online Staff CPD Course

Our unique online Pastoral Care Staff CPD Courses help educators to support young people’s mental health and wellbeing, allowing them to:

  • Create a holistic education
  • Support and encourage healthy parental engagement 
  • Empower staff to generate cultures of success
  • Help staff cope with the pressures of the job
  • Give staff confidence in their pastoral role
  • Support the work of PSHE teams

Take a look at our three minute film clip.

Our Online Courses for Education

For Staff

The Staff Mental Health & Wellbeing CPD Course can be used in a group setting or by individuals to ensure all staff can access the training.  Use it as part of your staff onboarding process and revisit the material throughout the year.  You can also track each member of staff’s progress through the course.  Download the accompanying workbook and receive a CPD Certificate on completion of the course.

For Parents' Events

The Talks for Parents’ Events cover critical issues faced by all teens and their parents.Each talk is 10-12 minutes long and has accompanying notes. They provide an easy way to engage & inform parents when they are on site.

For Parents

The Parenting Lessons can be embedded in your website giving all parents access at a discounted rate, to support their parenting journey.  It is a useful resource for staff to direct parents to in times of need.  As an additional benefit, we give your organisation a commission every time a parent purchases a course.

Buy One Gift One

Help Others Start Their Training Journey

When you purchase our Staff Training Programme, you can gift the same to a maintained school or college, or a charity of your choice.

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