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Top Tips For Hosting A Teenage Party

It’s been a major cause of worry for many a parent throughout the ages but today, hosting a teenage party has never felt so stressful. With drugs being so freely available online and the potential for social media hijacking the guest list, there’s a lot to consider.

So to help you plan, we’ve put together our Top Tips for hosting a teenage party:


  1. Parties should be by invitation only.  On social media use “invite only” setting and prohibit “guest + friends” ie No Plus One’s.  Beware of the secret instructions on “priv” accounts.
  1. Have a clear start and finish/pick up time and put your contact details on the invitation – also try to get the details of the parents of the teens who are coming.
  1. Parties need to be supervised by a team of adults who will be there throughout.
  1. If you serve or provide alcohol for Under 18’s you must have their parents’ verbal permission.  Under the law of Vicarious Liability you may be liable if problems arise.
  1. If you serve alcohol go for long drinks and provide lots of soft drinks.
  1. Remind your teen that they need to be responsible for their guests and tell you if there is a problem so that you can keep everyone safe.
  1. Contain the party in one area and highlight potential hazards – ponds, steps etc.
  1. Remove keys from drivers who are staying the night.
  1. Use plastic cups/plates.  Only put a third of the drink out at the beginning.
  1. Provide food throughout the event – pizza and hotdogs are popular and gives you a good excuse to tour every 10-15 mins to check how everyone is.
  1. Mass and mixed sleepovers are often difficult to manage – unless you plan to be up all night policing them there is a high chance that hormones will take over at some stage!
  1. If your teenager is going to a party, call the parents responsible in advance, to check arrangements ie numbers, alcohol, supervision.
  1. If your teenager is at a party you need to be in a position to pick them up if things go wrong – sadly it is not a night off!

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