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Live Online Talks for Parents & Teens to Help You All Through This Challenging Time

Dear Parent,

In the next few weeks I would have been running a series of parenting workshops here at Teen Tips head office. Obviously this is no longer possible but I know families need support right now so I have decided to run them as Live Online Talks instead. There are some for parents and some for teenagers.

Each hour-long, talk, hosted live by me can be accessed from your computer, tablet or phone at home. You will be able to ask questions, which I will endeavour to answer during the allotted time or take up separately with you if needed.

In these challenging times, I want to help as many families as I can and am therefore delivering these talks at a much reduced price of £6 per person, per session. Couples and siblings can obviously watch together.


Please note: due to limitations in Zoom, we are unfortunately unable to move your talk to a different time slot. If you are worried about getting the tech up and running, please get in touch.

“As a parent of teenagers and a Clinical Psychologist, can I say how helpful, calming, acknowledging and positive I just found your webinar!” Diana, Parent

“thank you Alicia for last night’s very excellent (Parenting During Isolation) talk. Hard days, but these words of wisdom really will help us to navigate some of the issues bombarding us currently. I’m so grateful.” Isabel, Parent

Here is the schedule so far:

Before making your booking, please read the very simple instructions at the bottom of this page. Please note places are limited and if you miss the talk we unfortunately cannot transfer you to another one.

For Parents

Parenting During Isolation

Depending on demand, we will release new dates for this course on a weekly basis. Please sign up to our parents mailing list to be kept informed.

  • How to reduce conflict and sibling rivalry
  • How to manage anxiety and protect your child’s mental health
  • How to use this time to develop our children’s soft skills and increase their self confidence
  • Plus a host of activity suggestions to keep them entertained


Tuesday 31st March


Wednesday 1st April


Wednesday 1st April


Thursday 2nd April


Thursday 2nd April


Friday 3rd April


Friday 3rd April


First Aid for Your Child’s Mind

Monday 30th March – 5.30pm-6.30pm

Looks at the personal, social and environmental factors affecting mental health. It considers which of these factors we can influence as parents and what strategies we can give them to manage the rest.


Teens & Screens

Monday 6th April – 5.30pm-6.30pm

Right now technology is our friend. It is how we will remain connected during times of isolation and it can provide almost limitless entertainment but that does not mean it should become a free for all.  As parents you need to understand the positives and negatives of your children’s online world and encourage responsible digital use. This talk will give you the latest guidelines on screen time; screen use and the pitfalls to be aware of. It come with free access to our screen contract and a guide to negotiating the boundaries around screen time.

I hope that these sessions will prove helpful to you, as we all continue our parenting journey at a very testing time.


For Teenagers:

Managing the Stresses of Life

Monday 30th March – 3pm-4pm

This talk is designed to promote self awareness and self management skills to build emotional resilience and prevent mental health problems. Look at the science of thoughts and emotions to show how we have a great deal more control over our feelings than most of us believe. We will explore techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and neuroscience that young people can use to help themselves. This is particularly important in today’s world where too many of us have constant low levels of the stress hormones in our systems leading to serious long term health problems.



Select a Talk date, and pay via PayPal (you don’t need a PayPal account and can use a payment/credit card). (PLEASE NOTE: You must take note which email address you are using to log into PayPal with, as this address is the one we will need for Zoom a bit later.)
After successful payment, you will be automatically registered into the Live Talk. Look out for a confirmation email which will come to the email address you used for payment. if you don’t see this check your junk / spam. The email will give details of how to join the Live Talk.

IMPORTANT: If you have never used Zoom before, and have not already created an account, you must do this now, before trying to join the Talk. This process can take time while waiting for a confirmation from Zoom, so don’t leave till the last minute! You can do this by downloading the Zoom app on a tablet/phone and choosing “Sign-Up”, or visit zoom.us and register for an account that way. Please use the email account also associated with Paypal, to sign up to Zoom.

Now you have a Zoom account, return to the email containing details of how to join. At any time before the Talk starts, you can join, and will be met with a waiting screen until the start time. The simplest way to join is using the “Click here to join” link in the email, after which the Zoom app will launch, and you can enter your email and password.
If you have problems joining via email sign-in, there is an option to phone-in from a mobile. The number to call is also included in the email instructions from Zoom.


So you don’t miss out on future sessions and advice please register as a ‘parent’ to keep updated – we will announce all talks and send parenting tips by email to this list.

With all good wishes,


Alicia Drummond

BACP Accredited Therapist, Parent Coach, Speaker, Author & Mother

Ps You can also find lots of helpful podcasts, Q&A films, blogs and links to specialist support here.

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