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Free Listening Sessions For Teens In Particular Need Of Support

We at Teen Tips are aware of the challenges families are facing and the impact that these might have on the mental health and wellbeing of teenagers.  To that end we have compiled a list of therapists who are willing to use their counselling skills to offer half hour telephone sessions FOR FREE to teenagers who might need support at this time.

Please be clear that this is the offer of a listening ear and is not a substitute for a counselling relationship which would only exist if both counsellor and client created an explicit contract for paid or longer work. This would also not be a substitute for the brilliant work of Samaritans, Childline and other similar charities.  All therapists are BACP registered and self-employed and you will be working with them as individuals, not through Teen Tips Ltd.

The agreement for the listening support is that the counsellor will use their counselling skills to support individuals during isolation for a maximum of 2 half hour sessions per person, confidentiality and safety agreements will still be part of the listening arrangement.  The number of sessions available is limited so please only use this service if you are unable to access help by other means.

Contact details for therapists are as follows.  If one is unable to help you please move on down the list.  If all the slots are full you will need to ask to be on a waiting list with whichever therapist you chose.

Linda Meikle:
Website:- www.timetotalkcounselling.com
Email:- lindameikle@virginmedia.com
Telephone:- 07744 283041

Suzanne Stephan:
Number: 01362 860713
Email address: rstephanltd@icloud.com

Lindy Coggan (yet to confirm session numbers)
Number: 07715 713181 / 01225 356241
Email: lindycounselling@virginmedia.com

Linda Osborne
Email: bilboandfrodo42@hotmail.com
Tel: 07866 923625

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