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Canford and Port Regis Schools Join Our Online Programme

We are delighted to have another two schools join our online training

We have been working with Canford School for a number of years and are pleased to announce their continued commitment to pupil’s mental health with their introduction of our Online Pastoral Care Training. We have recently started working with Port Regis School and look forward to engaging with their staff and parenting community going forward.

We launched our Online Pastoral Care Training in May 2019 and the programme focuses on equipping staff, parents and carers with the knowledge and skills to meet the social and emotional needs of young people. Our holistic approach ensures support is consistent and aligned, both in education and at home. The online programme incorporates two elements:

Online Staff CPD Course

This course is proactive and preventative, and gives those working with young people confidence in their pastoral role. The course helps staff develop pupil resilience, trains all staff to the same standard, can be accessed at a time, place and pace to suit the individual, helps staff cope with the pressures of the job and model appropriate self-care for students. It also emphasises the intrinsic link between performance & wellbeing, helps schools evidence ISI and Ofsted criteria, supports the work of PSHE teams accredited by The CPD Standards Office and represents 10 CPD points. Take a look at our three-minute film clip here

Complete Parenting Teens Course

With adolescence starting as young as eight and continuing until the mid 20s, parenting teens can be a long and challenging journey. Our Online Parenting Teens Course will give you the strategies and confidence to guide and support your child as they grow into teenagers and young adults. Learn how to: communicate effectively, build and maintain strong relationships, motivate in positive ways, promote healthy self-esteem and build resilience, help them make healthy choices and resist peer pressure, stay calm and effective when drama strikes. For more have a look at the course curriculum here

If you’d like to speak to Alicia about introducing the online training to your school or to benefit from a free trial of the programme please email info@teentips.co.uk or call 01273 890 653.

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