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Digital Solutions

Since Covid-19, we have transformed the way we deliver our resources to Schools, Pupils & Parents.

Onsite talks are now largely delivered as live, interactive webinars, with topics always evolving to address new challenges.

We have also launched our interactive Wellbeing Hub, delivering on-demand support for whole school and business communities.

More On Our Wellbeing Hub

Webinars streamed via all the major platforms

Our webinars are current, engaging and use specialist technology to deliver interactive polls and quizzes, for an enhanced audience experience.
There is always a Q&A, to allow people to really get involved and ask any burning questions they might have.
“Alicia Drummond was astonishingly good. So much so, that what I really wanted was a hologram of her that I could bring out and put on the kitchen table in time of need”
C Welch, Parent

“I am discovering that teen years kick in earlier than you think and following your wise words keep reminding myself that it is the teen brain at work. Thank you again for all the tips you impart. We as parents so appreciate it as I discover bumps in the teen road and need help to know ways of navigating them without pushing the children away.”

Jo, Parent

Webinars For Schools

Choose from a range of one hour talks for parents, pupils or staff, and build a programme to suit your school’s pastoral needs.

Webinars For Parents

Our parenting webinars and workshops cover a range of topics addressing the current needs of adolescents and their families.

Webinars For Corporates

We support corporate EAPs and wellbeing programmes, with parenting webinars and resources, to help employees with home life.